Conference 2008

(Internal mini-conference: Exploring Non-Reduction and Levels of Reality)

Plenary Session (Monday)

Introductory lectures to the miniconference “Exploring Non-Reduction and Levels of Reality”Basarab Nicolescu, The Idea of Levels of Reality and its Relevance for Non-Reduction and Personhood
Roy Clouser, The Nature & Ground of Religious Belief

1st Session: Non Reduction and the Human Sciences (Monday)James Skillen, Why Politics Can't Be Reduced to Power, Behavior, Choice, or Law
Garcia Sienra: A Non-reductionist Approach to Economics
Egbert Schuurman, The Ethics of Responsibility as a Comprehensive Approach

2nd Session, Non-reduction, Levels and Transdisciplinarity (Monday)John van Breda and Mark Swilling, On the Importance of the Non-separability of Discontinuity and Continuity of the Different Levels of Reality
Cecilia Dockendorff, The Long Way from Non-reductionism to TransdisciplinarityRenata T. S. Lemos, Levels of Convergence

3rd Session, Understanding Levels (Tuesday)William A. Matthews, Redefining Science in an Emergentist World ViewJean Staune, Is the Brain an Ipod or a Radio?Carlo Scognamiglio, Human Being and Non-reductionist Conceptions of Determination

4th Session, Matter and life (Tuesday)
Danie Strauss, The Significance of Non-reduction for Math & Physics
Riccardo Manzotti, The Relational Nature of the Physical World as a Foundation
for the Conscious Mind
Ingolf Schmid-Tannwald, Fertilisation

5th Session, Mind and Spirit (Tuesday)
Liliana Albertazzi, Why Perception Is Not Reducible to Physics?
Steven Horst, Beyond Reduction: Philosophy of Mind and Post-ReductionistPhilosophy of Science
T. Bolognesi, F. Caporali, A. Cordelli, L. Gallenui, S. Procacci and A. Rizzacasa, Is There a Hierarchical Consciousness? Individual, Social and Cosmic Consciuosness

6th Session, What Next? (Tuesday)
Roberto Poli, Towards an Age of Synthesis (introductory lecture to the debate)
General debate with all participants at the mini-conference