Understanding Anticipatory Systems

Rovereto, April, 10-12

10 April
9,00—9,30 Welcome

9,30—10,20 Roberto Poli, The Many Nuances of Anticipation
10,20—11,10 Riel Miller, Changing the Conditions of Change: Futures Literacy
11,10—12,00 Aloisius Louie, Tutorial on Anticipatory Systems 1 14,30—15,20 Ted Fuller, Experiments in Anticipation: The Creative Destruction of Futures
15,20—16,10 Pierre Rossel, Ways of Making Anticipatory Systems More Robust
16,10—16,40 Coffee break
16,40—17,30 Overland and Karlsen, Sociological Imagination and Premises in Norwegian Foresight Studies
17,30—18,20 Carlo Scognamiglio, Anticipation and Future Vision in the Ontological Structure of Human Freedom
11 April

9,00—9,50 M. Aaltonen, The Third Lens – Why We See What We Do and Not Something Else

9,50—10,40 Liliana Albertazzi, The Micro-genesis of Anticipation
10,40—11,10 Coffee break
11,10—12,00 Inna Semetsky, Anticipation or Precognition? A Phenomenological Inquiry
14,30—15,20 Aloisius Louie, Tutorial on Anticipatory Systems 215,20—16,10 David Melcher, The Role of Prediction in Perception Across Saccades16,10—16,40 Coffee break
16,40—17,30 Francesco Vespignani, Are There Multiple Anticipatory Mechanisms Involved in Language Comprehension?17,30—18,20 Vesselin Petrov, Towards a Perspective Ontology of Anticipatory Systems

12 April

9,00—9,50 Simone Arnaldi, Futures Mindscapes Methods and the inter-subjective construction of anticipations
9,50—10,40 Juan Ferret, The Physics of Anticipatory Systems
10,40—11,10 Coffee break
11,10—12,00 Fiorella Battaglia, The Anthropology of Anticipatory Systems
12,00—12,50 David Peat, Gentle Action